Forget the Summer Bucket List, Play Summer Bingo Instead!

by Parent Co. July 16, 2015

summer bingo with various images of summer on a bingo board

Somewhere along the way, summer was transformed from the laziest (ie, best) season into the busiest, most action-packed time of year. Around now, people begin freaking about their summer bucket lists. But summer is supposed to be a time for play, not lists. So we made it into a bingo game. How many of these activities can you cross off this season? Can you call "bingo" yet? For extra fun, print out the attached PDF and stick it up on your fridge or something. (Though messing around with a printer won't ever make it to anyone's bucket list.) bingo-web Click to open printable PDF The days are long so there’s plenty of time to play!* (At least it feels that way.)

Parent Co.


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