LA Baby Show Round-up

by ParentCo. November 17, 2017

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At parent-child industry trade shows, everyone has their eyes open for brands can surprise, continue to innovate, or flat-out impress. Here are several brands from the LA Baby consumer show that exceeded expectations, made rapid on-site sales, and delivered across the board.

Happ diaper bagHAPP Brand Diaper bags fall into a dense segment of brands producing similar products. Differentiation is hard, but HAPP has honed their product and message in a focused way. Yes, the line of bags are beautiful and extremely lightweight, but what really resonates is the founder’s understanding of a new generation of women who continue to foster their social life and their family life without compromising their identities. This bag is for the mom who plans to grab it on her way out the door – whether she’s had time for a shower or not – and feel confident that she has what she needs to get through the day, and that she can do it in style. HAPP Brand believes that being a mother doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being a woman.


Motherlove One of the many underserved aspects of motherhood are cracked nursing nipples. It just isn’t one of those things that moms can prepare for prior to delivery, and it can be surprisingly painful, limiting, and emotionally difficult as well. As one reviewer puts it, Motherlove is love. They offer a vast array of sprays, salves, and supplements for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and birth. But their nipple cream garners their most rave reviews. Dads, want to be a hero? Make sure there is an ample supply of Motherlove nipple cream on hand. It heals, softens, and protects, and is a must have for nursing mothers. If that’s not enough reason to feel good about Motherlove, there’s no greenwashing here either. Their products are certifiably organic and resonate on every social level you can imagine, from sustainable farming and manufacturing practices to donating 10 percent of profits through their Nurturing Life Foundation. Clearly, great companies make great products.

Happy ourHappy Our Make every hour Happy Our. Obsessed with baby’s comfort, this brand constructs sheets, blankets, shirts, gowns, and nursing covers with re-engineered double-knit organic bamboo cotton. The result is an ultra-soft, highly breathable baby fabric. The open-gauge knitted inner layer creates space and allows airflow so it doesn’t trap heat or sweat, while the outer layer is silky and soft, providing durability and touchability, achieving the best of both worlds. The designs are clean, modern, simple, and timeless. Word-play marketing and poetic product descriptions build that emotional bridge between consumers and the brand. While the brand is new in the last few months, it’s clear they have lasting power. Maybe Happy Our is your next go-to-gift for the new moms in your life.

kinbe baby shoesKinbe New to market Kinbe, is changing the baby shoe game with an adjustable moccasin. Two hidden straps adjust to create a longer lasting fit for your baby. These shoes are hip, comfortable, and well-constructed. With a mission to build loving homes for children without one, your purchase at Kinbe makes an impact, delivering a whopping 25 percent of profits to help a unique family-style housing placement organization in Guatemala. Children who would otherwise be placed in an orphanage are instead matched with loving families ready to offer that much needed sense of security. This brand is blazing new trails in the parent-child space. Feel good about your purchase knowing you’re getting a great product and performing an invaluable charitable act in the process.

bumboBumbo Bumbo has become a known entity for their popular Floor Seat with Play Tray – the soft but sturdy and easy-to-clean seat ideal for play and first-feedings with your new baby. Bumbo products solve everyday parenting challenges, while helping your littles reach key developmental milestones. The company has expanded their line to include safe, colorful offerings for your kids all the way through the toddler years. We’re talking well-designed changing pads, transitional toilet trainers, and innovative activity centers. Bumbo’s sister non-profit, Bumbo Cares, founded in 2008, designed a “upliftment program” offering sport coaching, counselling, and even a balanced daily meal to support kids growing up in poverty. From tried and tested products that enhance parent and child interaction to making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth, Bumbo is undoubtedly achieving its goal of helping children sit up, step up, and build the confidence and independence they need to thrive. pura stainless

PuraStainless Choosing drinking bottles for your family can be challenging. Clearly, consumers want the safest products on the market, but they also want them to be easy to use and cost-effective. Why not aim for environmentally progressive at the same time? Enter Pura. These bottles have won an unprecedented 35 industry and business awards. Constructed with food grade stainless steel and silicone wrap, they are 100 percent plastic free and NonToxic Certified by MADESAFE – true pioneers in the bottle segment. Perfect for infants, toddlers, and kids, Pura has parents in mind as well with a colorful line of adult and sport bottles that are durable, classy, and of course totally safe for all ages.



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