New BB-8 is Bigger and Smarter

by Parent Co. February 11, 2016

Last year, Sphero dominated the world of Star Wars The Force Awakens toys when BB-8 rolled into our homes and stole our hearts. The adorable little app-controlled replica of the much-loved droid was the closest thing to having the real thing. Until now. At the recent New York Toy Fair, Spin Master unveiled its version of BB-8. Nearly 19" tall (including two antennae), the droid is operated by a sleek handheld remote and recognizes voice commands. It even has a "Follow Me" setting which makes the loyal BB-8 roll alongside, following as you walk. o0nahbv1xxjlk1cyf9ph That is to say, this BB-8 is more BB-8. Clocking in at $180, consumers will have to have to wait until sometime in the fall to purchase the toy. Which, thankfully, gives us plenty of time to figure out how to break the news to little Sphero.
Source: Gizmodo

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