Pisces April 2016 Horoscope

by ParentCo. April 01, 2016

You’re an intuitive, connection-making, emotional – um – fish. You’re a fish.

You prefer your dreamy, aquatic version of life to actual reality. You’d rather glide through, feeling your way in the quiet. It’s hard when the kids are noisy, right? Beeping and yelling and banging and singing and PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Awesome news, though! Venus is couch-surfing over at Aries’ place, so now is the time to take initiative and state your demands. Kids: empty the dishwasher! Kids: put your shit away! Kids: monetize your own adorability on Instagram! It’s a good time to look for love and adventure. You could easily find both of those things at your local pet store. Of course, next thing you know, you’re the proud owner of a 27 year-old half-blind rescue-ferret. Probably best just to meet an old friend at a new coffee shop, and have a good belly laugh.



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