Read this before posting photos of your kids on Facebook - MarketWatch

by Parent Co. August 05, 2015

According to a recent survey, the average parent will post almost 1,000 photos of their child online before he or she turns five. Technology has turned every second into an opportunity to capture a moment that can be shared with the world with a few taps. The jury is still out on how growing up on the internet will affect a generation of people, but it's changing how we parent in real time.
This culture of taking and sharing family photographs can be wonderful fun and intimate, but when done excessively can also backfire and put more distance between parents and kids, experts say, rather than bring them closer together. One 11-year-old boy told Steiner-Adair, “I hate it when my dad comes to watch me play hockey and all he does is videotape me playing and then when it’s over he wants to show me all the things that I did wrong. Isn’t that what a coach is for?” Steiner-Adair asked, “What do you want him to do?” The child replied, “Like, cheering or moaning.” The child didn’t mind if his father gave him positive or negative feedback after-the-fact, as long as he was engaged in the game in real time. Steiner-Adair says children notice when they’re being photographed: “It puts a barrier between you and them.”
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