The Top 20 Posts on in 2015

by ParentCo. December 22, 2015

Here are the 20 most-read posts published on in 2015. (Actually, these are also the 20 most-read posts on ever, because we only launched the site in January.)

We didn't start posting in earnest until February, and it took us until mid-March to settle into a groove. It was just a few weeks ago that we introduced themed issues. We're still adapting our approach to telling fresh stories about modern parenthood. Publishing for the web is all about experimentation. Fortunately, we have an amazing group of writers who produce brilliant work, week after week. Quick milestones from our year in review:
  • 1/06, first (test) post
  • 2/2, first day over 500 unique visitors
  • 3/10, first day over 1000 unique visitors
  • 5/15, first day over 5000 unique visitors
  • 9/2, first day over 20,0000 unique visitors
  • 9/6, first day over 150,000 unique visitors
  • 9/9, first day over 300,000 unique visitors

Most Read Posts on in 2015, Determined by Google Analytics.

The posts in order of reads (not shares on social media; the two stats are often quite different). 30 Questions to Ask Your Kid Instead of How Was Your Day The question “How was your day?” is a conversation killer, especially for kids. Here are 30 alternatives that will inspire more than a grunt in reply. 8 Science-Backed Reasons for Letting Your Kids Play Outdoors You probably already know that outdoor play is essential for children’s health and well-being. Here are eight science-backed reasons that prove you’re right. Open Letter to Aspiring Exercisers With Young Children As a parent, I now know that I’ve published health stories offering advice that, on most days, is impossible to even attempt to follow. How to Help Your Kids Build a Better BS Detector BS is all around us. Here’s how to prepare your kids to deal with it, without losing their sense of wonder. 21 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Instead of How Was Your Day The question “How are you?” doesn’t exactly keep the spark alive. Here are 21 alternatives that will help you reconnect at the end of a busy workday. 8 Holiday Gifts Only Available to Mega Rich Kids If you have more cash than brains or taste, this list is for you Teaching Kids to Give Thanks is One of The Best Things You Can Do for Them Research shows that expressing thanks has incredible outcomes for health, happiness, and productivity. Fortunately, there are many simple ways that you can instill gratitude in your kids. I Wanted to Say Something to You Middle School I know you. I’ve been you. I’ve walked your halls. I’ve taught in your classrooms. I’ve graded your dog-chewed homework. I know your smells of too-fruity perfume and not-yet-discovered deodorant. I’ve seen your slow dance: awkward, gawky, spinning. Just like you. Arms out, braced against the weight of everything you don’t know, everything you want to know. White Woman Writes Yoga Essay “By the time class started, I was already miserable. I wanted a popsicle. I wanted a margarita. Mostly, I wanted the class to be over.” Konmari Method - Paper A real family uses the Marie Kondo method from her “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” for a minimalist household of items that spark joy. Favorite 3 Podcasts for Kids These podcasts are made for kids. They add a spark of education and entertainment to daily life (and long car trips!). The Story of Parenthood in 28 Star Wars GIFs We'll have to add some "Force Awakens" GIFs in a future update. Introducing Notabli for Android Notabli is the best way for parents to capture, organize, protect, and selectively share photos and videos of their kids. Now available for Android. Minimalism a Key to Mental Health as a New Parent A great way to maintain your mental health as a new parent is by practicing minimalism as much as possible in other aspects of your life. Neurotribes And The Surprising Truths About Autism Especially for parents raising kids on the spectrum, "NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity" is nothing short of a revelation. 8 Life Skills to Teach Your Kids to Avoid Digital Dependence Make sure your kids have these old-school skills to keep them from becoming totally reliant on technology. What's the Parents Role With Homework? If we want our kids to invest in their education, then we have to allow them to take on the responsibility of managing their school and homework. How Skateboarding Helps Kids Develop a Growth Mindset Skate culture is super positive and focused on the process of learning. This teaches kids “get better” lessons that encourage a growth mindset. Laughing with your kids is one of the best things you can do for them Enjoying a laugh with your kids is one of the best things you can do for their development. Laughter bonds families, while making kids smarter, healthier, and more resilient. 37 ingenious summer learning resources for your kids Kids lose 22% of their academic skills over the summer. Help them avoid the dreaded summer slide with these top-rated apps, websites, books, clubs, and camps.



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