This Week’s Essential Reading for Parents

by ParentCo. February 22, 2015

1. Do you need to go to parent school? Is there a ‘right’ way to bring up your child? Linda Geddes asks whether parent school is the answer. 2. Mother May I? “If you actually wanted your child to be kidnapped, how long would you have to keep him outside for him to be abducted by a stranger?” A week? She shook her head. “Seven hundred and fifty thousand years.” 3. Parental ethnotheories and how parents in America differ from parents everywhere else. "All child-rearing practices vary hugely among cultures. There’s only a single shared characteristic," Harkness says: “Parents everywhere love their children and want the best for their children.” Everything else, including the way in which they love their children and what the best might mean, is subject to variation. 4. Au Revoir, Piggybank: Tips For Your Child’s First Bank Account “Remember when they’re little we’re starting to teach them all sorts of habits: Brush their teeth, get up on time, put their toys away. We save part of our money, that’s a habit too.” 5. 10 questions to ask around the table Turn small talk into smart conversation around the family dinner table with the following 10 questions recommended by StoryCorps founder (and 2015 TED Prize winner) Dave Isay.



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