Today's Teens Are Better People Than the Rest of Us

by ParentCo. February 12, 2016

This must-read article from Vox explains exactly why today's teens are better humans than the rest of us losers. It's true. Today's teens smoke fewer cigarettes, do less binge drinking, have less sex, and use more contraception than any other teens in the last 40 years. Analyzing the data of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, administered biennially by the CDC since 1991, the statistics are clear: despite the perennial elder complaint that DAMN KIDS THESE DAYS are no good, indeed they're actually really good. Yup. Go ahead, go see for yourself. Select your birth year and watch the comparative statistics adjust accordingly. Then, make a list of every teenager you've ever written off as a no-good-sex-crazed-drunken-apathetic-slacker, and get started on your apologies.
Source: Vox, CDC



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