We Analyzed A Bunch of Baby Animals And These Are The Cutest

by Parent Co. January 15, 2016

What? Don't pretend like you don't love baby animals. You do. Because you're a human with feelings.

Also, it's Friday, and I think we can all agree we've had quite enough with the bad news this week, thank you very much. To assuage our world-weary selves, we analyzed a bunch of baby animals. Controlling for both adorability and hilarity, we compiled the cutest among them right here in this one convenient post. So -- please -- take a load off, invite the kids to snuggle up, and enjoy a little something we call the Friday Fuzzies. Bears Tai Chi This baby bear is honing his Zen focus with some Tai Chi. Obviously. Because looking for berries and training to be the scariest guy in the forest is hard work. Need more of this? Click here. bowie-penguin Look at this baby penguin. LOOK. AT. IT. It's so ugly it's cute. The little guy was recently born at the Cincinnati Zoo and named "Bowie" after our favorite Starman, RIP. Ground control to baby penguin. Can you hear us baby penguin? Cuz it doesn't really look like you have any ears. For more about Bowie, including a video of the adorable flightless bird having a snack, click here. Watch this baby elephant learn to use her trunk and thaw your icy cold heart. Apparently, elephant trunks are super heavy. It's sort of like having a whole other leg, but on your face. YOU CAN DO IT, BABY ELEPHANT. We believe in you! Koala Bears: they're just like us. And by "us" I mean, tantruming toddlers. This guy just got kicked out of his spot in the tree. He can be heard in the video crying: BUUUT I CALLLLED IT FIIIIIRST. This is a one-eyed surfing cat named Kuli. Hang 10, kitty! Ok, so maybe this isn't a baby cat, but we're gonna let that go because he has ONE EYE and he's SURFING. Clearly, this is one cool cat. There. Feel better? So fuzzy. Pssst. Pro-tip: if you're looking for more baby animals (and beyond), check out this Wired article highlighting some of the best places to see and learn about our furry -- and not so furry -- friends.
Source: Wired, Bored Panda, IFLScience

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