Internet Field Trip: 5 Links to Share with Your Kids

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Week of March 14, 2015

candy rocket

Launch a rocket fueled by 20 pieces of soft candy 813 feet into the air in this short film explaining the Candy Rocket Project in Japan.


This week people all over the world celebrated the spring festival of colors called Holi. Take a trip to India to experience it for yourself in this short film.


Scientists used to believe chameleons change color to camouflage themselves in their environments. They now know this isn’t true. Learn more about why chameleons change colors in this short video by Veritasium.

Koa Smith

Experience the beauty and thrill of surfing off the African coast with Koa Smith. Ride in a barrel for 30 seconds with film shot with a GoPro.


Tour the Video Game Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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