Watch What Happens When You Combine Skateboarding, Color Run, and Slow Motion

Darron Dyk’s slow motion cinematography is spectacular. It’s art, science, and kid friendly. Save this for Friday night screen time.

Holy moly, this is GORGEOUS.

Definitely the best thing to happen me so far today is coming across this rad video and then realizing its creator, Darren Dyk, has an ENTIRE YouTube Channel of equally awesome videos.

Darren’s YouTube bio says he’s, “a cinematographer with with an expertise in high-speed slow motion.”

Yes. Yes he is.

For more kid-friendly slow-mo wonderment, check out this inspirational, superhero jump-roper:

And this DO NOT TRY AT HOME special effects guy-on-fire:

And this ultimate water balloon explosion:


Source: YouTube BeyondSlowMotion