Owning the Moment

by ParentCo. April 01, 2015

Today Facebook announced Scrapbook. People (namely investors) have asked us what would change if Facebook entered our space. We’ve always felt it was inevitable: with 74 million kids in the US alone, the market is simply too valuable to advertisers. We make Notabli, a service for saving, organizing and sharing childhood moments. Notabli is part archive, part private network, designed specifically for parents and the close friends and family they invite to join. Notabli was founded on the premise that parents have a new and unavoidable responsibility to protect and curate their kids’ digital identity until they’ve learned to manage it for themselves. While Facebook generates revenue by monetizing user data via advertising, Notabli will never sell advertising based on a digital identity -- parent or child. Instead we plan to charge for our service. We believe in operating with a transparent value exchange. Notabli is a social medium designed specifically for parents. We’re focused on one thing: helping parents curate their kids’ digital identity, free of advertising and intrusion.



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