Toca Nature App Review

by ParentCo. February 04, 2015

Toca Boca released a new app called Toca Nature, and it's delightful. Design your own world starting with a plot of land floating in space. Day turns to night as you construct hills, mountains, forests, and lakes. Different animals inhabit your landscape. Learn what foods they like, and you may befriend them. Sneak up on them quietly, and you may get a snapshot of a sleeping doe or a swimming beaver. Toca Nature Spend your days and nights documenting wildlife, learning about your ecosystem, and foraging for nuts and berries. You can zoom out to see a rotating macro view of your world or zoom in to walk within it. Begin each day with a new plot of land to mold and shape into an ecosystem. Our daughter adores this beautifully designed app. This is the perfect app for children ages 4-8 who love animals, nature, or designing worlds. It's available for $2.99 in the app store.
This article originally appeared in Today Box.



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