6 Ways the New iPhone 8 Can up Your Parenting Game

by ParentCo. September 11, 2017

A baby using mobile phone

The new iPhone 8 is scheduled to be released on September 15, but insider tips have been rampant on Twitter. Rumors have it this baby might run you about $999 but with add-ons could get up to $1500! For that price it better help me parent. With that in mind, I bring you six ways the new phone can up your parenting game:

1 | Your kid can’t break it using their usual techniques

There’s a possibility that it’s waterproof, not just water-resistant and shatterproof. I don’t even think this requires an explanation. You can’t seem to hurt this one. So hand it to your kids when they’re bored! Bring it in the bathroom where you spend most of your time anyway. Stop worrying about your phone and start using it more.

2 | You can use your hands for something else

Supposedly it’s got wireless charging capabilities. So even when your cat has chewed up the cords and your baby just fell asleep in your lap, you can charge your phone. The rumors also say that this feature might be an add-on, so make sure you save up for it.

3 | You now have a parenting assistant

It tells your partner or friend where you are. If you aren’t a parent, you won’t get how great that is. How many times have you been like, “To be honest I don’t have any idea where I am. Hold on while I stop my toddler from freaking out on the floor, and move my diaper bag to a non-dirty location, and wipe the glaze off my hand, and then I'll tell you where I am.” Siri has been upgraded to use "on-device learning" to become more contextual. This means that if somebody messages to ask where you are, for example, Siri is now clever enough to serve up your location.

4 | You don’t have to flip it around to turn it on

This is still just a rumor, but some sources say the new iPhone 8 will have the touch ID in the back of the phone. For a parent, this may prove much better. A fingerprint scanner on the back of a phone isn’t hard to reach. You cannot pick up a phone without placing some of your fingers on its back, so they’re already in the right position to use the scanner. Anything that reduces the amount of moves required to get the job done is okay in my parenting book. If you can’t even be bothered to pick up your new assistant, don’t worry – it’s also going to have face-scanning technology. Not kidding.

5 | You can keep your text messages coded

My need to keep something about my adult life secret from my kids loves the idea of the new multi-lingual texting feature. Type in two languages at the same time without having to switch keyboards. This phone recognizes any pair of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish. So now I can text my husband, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” anytime I want!

6 | You can finally use every app you hear about

This iPhone is faster. Don’t know about helpful parenting apps? You should. Every parent should be making use of the built-in apps and downloading several awesome apps as well. Make your iPhone work for you.

Built-in apps

You don’t even have to buy these helpful apps. Use them to up your parenting game.


The iPhone 7 gave us an amazing new camera. Parents should be using it to document their child’s life and to create memory books using other apps (see below). The new iPhone 8 has vertical dual cameras on rear to make your pictures better than a professional. Who has time to book photo shoots in matching outfits anyway?


Adding music to your life has never been easier with iTunes. You can set up a lullaby playlist to loop over and over until that baby of yours finally falls asleep.


The GPS Mapping app helps you stay in the car when your kids are strapped in and finally napping. No need to run into a store to ask for help. In fact, the iPhone is so intuitive you can even google where you are going at home and when you launch your map app, it’ll ask you if you want directions there. Love this!


Make sure you’re using its calendar capabilities to make your parenting day easier. Your iPhone intelligently picks up on scheduling details in your conversations. So if you type something like “I’m free today at ...” you’re presented with available times on your calendar. This time saver is fantastic for parents who have 17 things going on at once – so that’s all of us, right?


The new iPhone can suggest apps you might like to use based on your location and the time of day. When you walk with your stroller, for example, it may suggest your favorite personal-training app to help you get the most out of your walking workout.

Apps to download

Any app can be downloaded, but the secret to upping your parenting game is in using the apps.
  • Kids Eat Free: Find places where you don’t have to pay for your kid to eat
  • Net Nanny: Make sure you know what your child is doing on the internet
  • Family Locator: Know where your kids are whether they remember to let you know or not
  • Family Organizer: Now everyone can share task lists, grocery lists, and calendars
  • Chores Rewarder: Assign each chore a point structure and let your kids check in when they’ve done one
  • Reduce Distractions: Block out social media when you need to
  • Meet Parents: Get to know other people with similarly aged children
  • Save Kids Artwork: Now you can save your kids artwork without purchasing a storage bin
  • Owlet Baby Care: Put a sock on your baby and your phone will tell you she’s okay
  • Keep Track of Meds: Scan your meds and medical needs and keep them safe and ready
  • Travel Planner and Manager: Stop trying to remember all the details of your family trip
  • Find a Sitter: This is better for city families, but nice to have a resource to find screened sitters
  • Manage Your Money: Start figuring out how you spend your family money and make it work for you
  • Breastfeeding Places: Find out where can you pump or breastfeed without gawkers
  • Photo books: Use your new amazing photos well by making photo books to record your child’s memories and for great gifts



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