Kiddie Pool Digest: Kid Concert

by ParentCo. July 24, 2017

little girl with guitar

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The Kiddie Pool Digest will be back each week with a new fun theme and interesting activities, facts, and bits from around the web for curious kids of all ages.

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Who doesn't love a good concert? There's just something about live music thrumming in your chest until it reverberates through the rest of you. But sometimes, when the kids are very little or threenagers, the music has to come to you. So, we're putting the music in their hands for our last Kiddie Pool Digest to round out the summer. You might have a musical prodigy on your hands. You never know until you try (the thing all parents say before doing something really great or really terrible).

Elephant in a tuxedo playing a violin.

Fun facts

kiddie pool summer digest for kids, watch and learn

Watch & Learn


Strange Arrangements

8 Year Old Prodigy Plays Chopin

Understand Music

Music from a dry cleaner

Ben Folds Five "DO IT ANYWAY" f. Fraggle Rock

Amazing Young Cellist Wows the Audience

First singing lion

Jokes for your kids

kiddie pool summer digest for kids, deep dive

Jingle Bell Sweats

TAKE A DEEP DIVE With this Activity
As we near the end of summer and all the kid craft intentions have come and gone, for better or worse, I bring you the easiest craft of all. It also serves as a handy kid-detector if yours ever wander out of sight (or stop talking for one second, which mine never do).
  • Bells of assorted sizes
  • Sweat bands for head, wrists, ankles which you can purchase from any sporting goods store
  • Hot glue
Let the kids pick out their favorite sweat bands, because they will have favorites and for no obvious reason. Let them assemble their piles of bells and decide how many they want for each band. Hot glue those bells on in any pattern you like, keeping the kids well away until the glue has fully set. Let them don their new jangles, crank up the tunes from your favorite summer playlist (see below), and dance themselves into a solid naptime (here's hoping).

kiddie pool summer digest for kids, covet and collect products

Covet & Collect

Wooden Marble Run Construction - Music Motion ($89) | Rainbow Sound Blocks ($44) | Melissa and Doug Learn-to-Play Piano ($53.99) | Design Your Own Headphones ($30) | Loog Guitars 3-String Acoustic Guitar ($79) | Ems for Kids protective earmuffs ($23)

kiddie pool summer digest for kids, music playlist

Get your groove on

  1. "Listen to the Music" by The Doobie Brothers
  2. "Broken Piano" by Ben Folds
  3. "I Love Rock and Roll" by The Black Jetts
  4. "Piano Man" by Billie Joel
  5. "Alligator Stroll" by Josh Turner
  6. "Girl Named Tennessee" by Needtobreathe
  7. "Sing (Sing a Song Out Loud)" by The Carpenters
  8. "Cows" by The Seldom Herd
  9. "Dream on" by Aerosmith
  10. "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles

kiddie pool summer digest for kids, booksPage Turners

I See a Song

by Eric Carle

This Jazz Man

by Karen Ehrhardt

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin!

by Lloyd Moss

Philadelphia Chickens

by Sandra Boynton

kiddie pool summer digest for kids, stars


Let's add a harp to our concert this week with the Lyra constellation. You can find this one by looking for its largest star, Vega, which is brightest in mid-summer. As the story goes, the god Apollo gave Orpheus a harp which played the most beautiful music in the world. When he died, Apollo placed the harp in the sky for all too see. Not too shabby for a mere mortal.

star walk


Star WalkStar Walk for Kids: Learning Astronomy and Space

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