Blizzards and snow days can create havoc with schedules, commuting and childcare. They can also bring families together for some of the best days of the year.

A key to enjoying stormy days is preparing for the worst. This includes potential power outages and running out of food or water.

I’m a fan of simple checklists for managing daily life. (More about the Checklist Manifesto.) There are many checklists available online to help prepare for winter storms. The CDC and have useful lists for winter storm preparedness that include reminders for easy-to-overlook items, like medications, pet food and baby supplies.

I like the list from the American Red Cross, with a few considerations:

Extra cash, passports – The Red Cross suggests keeping these on hand for the big storm, but I don’t think they quite get the concept of “snowed in.”

Food – A 3-day supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food. Pretty much all I ever buy. Done.

Hand-crank radio – Reminds me to hit up Sky Mall before it shuts down.

Extra batteries – Can’t I just use the batteries from the smoke detectors?

First aid kit – We have a Hello Kitty first aid kit. Bleeding out has never been so cute.

Cell phone with chargers – so everyone on Snapchat knows you’re SOL IRL.

Alternate heating methods – trash can + lighter + credit card bills. Done.

Water –  A gallon of water per day. Good call – takes a lot of water to make ice cubes for gin & tonics.