Leo April 2016 Horoscope

You’re the lion of the zodiac. You have a big, furry mane and command respect.

Maybe you don’t have a mane, I don’t know. Just remember this when your kids are sassing back: You’re A LION. You’re the boss of your pride. Kids can’t push you around. The first part of the month will be fun, with a spontaneous moon in play. How spontaneous can a moon really be? Surprise! I’m STILL UP HERE! Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn are headed for a celestial hook-up later in the month, and you’ll be looking to get a little something yourself. Schedule that in. Yes, schedule it. Is scheduling sex sexy? No. Does it vastly improve the odds of your actually getting laid. Yep. Also, wrap up some pesky financial chores – i.e. hey, get your taxes done! And it’s a good time to change positions and ask for a raise. Maybe just re-position on the couch and see if someone can bring you a beer. Same diff. Either way, you’re A DAMN LION. Say it. Say it again.

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